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Good Morning

Dec 14, 2017

For a chance to win £5.00 off your Sunday 2/3 course meal, THIS SUNDAY. Answer me the following riddle BUT you have to like and share the post to enter... I have lakes but no water, No cars but I have streets; Many places and borders, But I'm in one piece. What am I?
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5 Stars
Lovely place

"We came here because I had a Fayre Inn voucher and I'm glad we did. The place is lovely inside, very oldy worldy. The food was fantastic! We both had the same, the seabass. It was a large portion and absolutely delicious. The staff were lovely also. We will definitely return."

Table d' Hote Set Menu*

2 Courses £12.95, 3 Courses £14.95

*Monday to Saturday Lunchtime